How to automatically update your Sketch Libraries using RSS

  • An XML file to act as the feed that Sketch will check for updates
  • Somewhere to host your Sketch Library
  • A link that opens Sketch and automatically downloads your library

The XML file

  • <title> — This is the name you want to display in Sketch for your library
  • <image><url>… —The default thumbnail URL that Sketch will attempt to use for your library. It should point to a publicly accessibly image URL
  • <item>… — The information between the item tags is what you’ll want to update when you create new versions of your library. You only need one item tag within your feed. Within the item tag, we have…
  • <pubDate>… — Date the library was published, must in the RFC822 format
  • <enclosure>… — The enclosure tag has three attributes that are critical for your feed to work: url, type & sparkle:version. url should point directly to your .sketch file, type should be “application/octet-stream” and finally sparkle:version is a number that should increment every time you release a new update

Design @hashicorp

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Alasdair Monk

Alasdair Monk

Design @hashicorp

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