Designing & building our design toolchain

  • Make life easy for designers — don’t make me configure a Sketch document to make it look good on Xray, just make it look good
  • Make it easy to find stuff — don’t burden our users with having to manually share Xray documents and setup access control for them
  • Anyone at Salesforce can login without signing up — don’t make me sign up for yet another thing
Xray client for macOS — open Sketch documents are automatically recognised and can be synced with a single click
Xray web platform — Demonstrating both linear (left) and slide (right) views
Syncing a Sketch file with the Xray client for macOS
Embedding a realtime Xray document into Quip




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Alasdair Monk

Alasdair Monk

Software Designer @vercel. Night Coder at Replay.Software